Why I am running for Regional Council

St. Catharines is my hometown and Niagara is my extended community. It's where I was brought up, educated, policed, volunteered and raised my family. Over the past four years I have watched as my Regional Council and Conservation Authority have spiralled downward into a state of chaos and confusion. During that time, as a private citizen, I have attempted, through social media, to bring Regional issues to the attention of Niagara citizens. When I became aware of Regional Councillor and Police Services Board member Petrowski's hateful and intolerant social media posts I wrote a letter of complaint to Ontario's Premier. When that was unsuccessful I filed a formal complaint with the Ontario Civilian Police Commission. Petrowski resigned from the Police Board prior to my complaint being resolved. When retired Major Ed Smith was unjustly sued by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority I along with a small group of concerned citizens organized a fund raiser to assist him with legal bills. I now realize the only way to make major changes to Regional Council is to be part of it. That is my goal and I sincerely request your assistance in obtaining it. I would request that before you cast your vote look carefully at all of the candidates bearing in mind the best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour.

I was raised and educated in St. Catharines & began my Police career as a cadet with the St. Catharines Police Department. I retired from the Niagara Regional Police as an Inspector after thirty-one years of service and was then recruited for the position of Campus Security Director at Ridley College.