Transparency and Accountability of Regional Council

I believe it is the responsibility of every regional councillor to ensure every resident of Niagara is well informed of the actions taken by Regional Council and the reasons that support those actions. Every resident must have the right to come before Council and question those actions without fear of criticism or retribution.

Services for Seniors and those with Disabilities

Niagara is an ageing community with growing demands for additional services for seniors and the disabled. Greater emphasis needs to be placed on in home services, transportation needs, accommodation and health care for these two groups.

Media and Council Relations

I believe that for any level of government to effectively communicate with those they represent there must an open and honest relationships with the media. It is the function of a free press to question the actions of government and that function must be respected and not interfered with.

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Governance

The majority of Conservation Authority Board Directors are Regional Councillors. I believe that the only way that the Authority can truly act in the interest of Conservation is for it to be made up of individuals with knowledge and experience in the field of Conservation. I would recommend that each municipality within the Niagara Region appoint citizens who have that knowledge and experience.

Emergency Services

I believe that every resident of and visitor to the Niagara Region must feel comfortable and secure in knowing that we provide excellent emergency services when required. The professional members of our EMS, Fire and Police Services have my full support.

Basic Services

It is the responsibility of our Regional government to provide basic services such as snow plowing and garbage collection. When these services are provided by contractors their performance must be regularly monitored and when not satisfactory immediate action taken.